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02:03pm 22/09/2004
mood: i can't explain it.
why do i always fuck things up?
i've never loved anyone before, until you came along.
you're my best friend. i can talk to you about anything. joke around with you. be serious with you. laugh, and cry with you. but what do i do? talk and fuck it up.

not anymore. everyone is getting cut off, so i can prove myself.
so i can prove i don't want to hurt you, and that i love you.
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01:14pm 11/09/2004
  i tripped so fucking hard last night.
there is no need for anything except this.
i'll never be the same person after this mind-opening experience.
11:49am 26/08/2004
  i got my hair did
joan jett + edward scissorhands = kalee. and i like it.Collapse )
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09:31pm 23/08/2004
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11:17pm 19/08/2004
mood: undescribable
.. what a fucking day. it was definately emotional. i don't know if it was more good or bad.

i'll tell you the good part, i need to get it out and remember it.

my most respected teacher told me something today that really made me feel.. truly happy. it made me feel like my 'person' was really worth something. and even better, it was totally sincere.

"kalee, if my daughter grew up to be just like you, well, i'd be very very proud. you're the of the most beautiful, mentally and physically, students i have ever had the opportunity to teach."

that jsut made me cry. i've been crying all day. all damn day.
that took some balls for a teacher to say, definately.

i got some things worked out today. i think i feel pretty good right now.
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09:33pm 17/08/2004
mood: ditzy

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aug. 14, 2005   
09:26am 16/08/2004
mood: cold
awesome day.
couldn't have gotten any cuter or any more fun.
ever get asked out at night watching a meteor shower?
well i fuckin' did.
04:46pm 14/08/2004
mood: happy
this song makes me so fucking happy.

i'm going camping with my friends tonight. seanna kayla ryan and kaylas guest.
it's gonna be fun.
people are so funny.
i'm glad i know who i am.
the rest of you can say whatever you'd like.

all we had was our dreams..
that's all we needed to be free.

they're all i need.
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01:14am 14/08/2004
mood: annoyed
hahaha you are fucking ridiculous.
getting on my livejournal and leaving ever so meeean comments that just get deleted.
due to idiots..   
09:40am 13/08/2004
  i am posting again.


there is all the crap i'm selling
i accept paypal (preferred right now) and cold hard cash.
just leave a comment with your email and whatcha want, and i will contact you.
prices do NOT include shipping
i WILL haggle


look look look   
01:45pm 11/08/2004
  I cleaned my room and found TONS of awesome stuff i don't want/don't wear anymore.

passoword: (if needed) george

All prices do NOT include shipping, and i WILL haggle with prices.

I accept paypal (preferred at the moment) and well concealed cash.

take a look! thanks!
10:00am 07/08/2004
mood: cheerful
ah, i'm pretty freakin' happy with life right now.
i finally met a nice guy. i hope.

anywho, we went to the fair last night. it was fuuuunnn. we had a contest to see who knew more people, i won. by a ton. haha. and we rode a bunch of rides and crap. but they stamped our hands with a stamp that said wed. ? and it was fucking friday? oookay.
i really don't wanna go work for the clown today. they wanted me to work 8 hours because no one comes to work, but i was like fuck dat yo, kiss my butt. hahaha. rebel rebel.
i can't wait to go shopping and get my new fucking hair cut n do
it's gonna be hott
damn right

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09:56pm 05/08/2004
mood: tired
the past few days have been good, pretty much.
i can't beleive i have such a big crush on this someone. wow. this hasn't happened in a long, long time. i hope it's a good thing.

i'm kinda worn out from work. jsut today, though. i dont know why.

i'm mad i missed warped tour today. grr.

i can't wait to go school shopping. i kinda already started, with livejournal and whatnot, and gabes. i love shopping. i don't love school. jonathan witt is even hott in his mcdonald's uniform. yes
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a thought   
09:52am 01/08/2004
mood: annoyed

i think next summer i'm going to go to either boston or texas, to stay with an uncle. maybe even go to one of their schools my senior year. boston would be SO fun. but texas would be, too. who knows. i'll have to talk to them about it.

i wanna go to the fayette county fair. it better be as fun as last year ... mmmmhm.


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10:05pm 31/07/2004
mood: content
today was an alright day. i wasn't feeling too swift this morning, stupid cramps. anywho, i watched 'the usual suspects' with ryan. the whole damn thing was confusing, but the end was cool. john cusack is fucking sexy. then we went the the double dragon for food. mm broccoli and shrimpies. then i made a visit to my mom's store, they're doing really good. i'm glad. my mom's last day at her other job is the 11th. my aunt diane and i are now shopping buddies hahaha, monday we're going to belle vernon goodwill. sweeeet , i love shopping. i love clothes. i love fashion and my style. i'll quit rambling, cya.
07:50am 30/07/2004
mood: cranky
i <3 my paintball wounds

and DO NOT go see Man on Fire. it's super gay. Dakota Fanning is the most annoying child actress on the face of this earth. She pretends to be 40 and it bothers me. dhbfsjdh

i have horrible cramps right now and it sucks
10:01am 29/07/2004
mood: annoyed

this really couldn't get any gayer.



seriously. leave me alone.

12:25pm 26/07/2004
mood: happy

it's the people you'd never suspect that are there for you when you need them

i win.


god, i love the bouncing souls. their music is just.. indescribable.


so now   
10:31pm 23/07/2004
mood: amused
i only talk to maybe two people regularly.
because everyone else is immature, fucks up my life, are worthless, and horrible friends. yup
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11:51pm 22/07/2004
mood: pissed off
how about you all die
i hate this place and everyone in it
you are worthless